Anette K. Bølling (NO)
Project: Inflammatory response after monomer and particle exposure in vitro.

Roberto Belotti Cornelio (NO)
Project: Inflammatory influence of the Bis-EMA monomer on the long-term fatigue, shrinkage and leachability of experimental composite resins.

Charlotta Holm (SE)
Project: The use of base-metals in dentistry.

Sisko Huumonen (FIN)
Project: The contribution of dental materials evaluated on radiographic images in the development of asthma, dermatological problems and general diseases.

Sigfüs Thor Eliasson (IS)
Project: Repair of old composite resin restoratives.

Liseloth Lindh (SE)
Project: The use of synthetic and biological substances to modify the surface of prosthetic materials.

Mervi Puska (FI)
Project: Bonding between biostable and bioresorable fibre/particle-reinforced material and bone at nano scale.

Marit Øilo (NO)
Project: Clinically relevant fracture testing of ceramic crowns.