Vasileios Kapralos is a Greek dentist and researcher who is no stranger to NIOM or to Norway. Kapralos has had two stints at NIOM, the first within the Erasmus programme and later as a visiting scientist. When he now returns it is on a four-year doctoral research fellowship at the University of Oslo with supervision from NIOM.

Kapralos’ doctorate project is in endodontics, and he says it is a very exciting time in the field. “Endodontics is currently going through one of the most rapid periods of advancement in knowledge within the history of the discipline. The application of new therapeutic treatment strategies poses a special challenge for the clinical translation of scientific knowledge”, says Kapralos.

Kapralos continues to explain that the title of his project is Endodontic Infections: Development of Biofilm Models to Evaluate the Effect of Current Endodontic Materials and New Treatment Strategies. – “The concept of biofilm-induced endodontic infections is at the cutting-edge of research where the advance of endodontic materials inaugurates a new era”, he says.

At NIOM, Kapralos is working closely with Senior Scientist Håkon Valen Rukke.