From left: NIOM Senior Scientist Håkon Valen and Visiting Scientist Battsetseg Tseveenjav


NIOM Visiting Scientist presents findings at Finnish Dental Congress


Battsetseg Tseveenjav is a Mongolian dentist and researcher at the University Of Helsinki. She has worked as a Visiting Scientist at NIOM this year. At NIOM she worked on treatment decisions and material selection in the management of MHI-affected teeth as well as still crowns, both projects on children.


The findings of her research were presented today at the Finnish Dental Congress and trade fair, Hammaslääkäripaivat 2017. Tseveenjav presented her poster, which is based on the results from one of her projects, where among others, NIOM Senior Scientists Aida Mulic and Håkon Valen, are co-authors.


The aim of the project was to explore choices of restorative materials following pulpotomy in primary molars among children who attended public oral health services at the Oral Health Care of the Department of Social Services and Health Care in Helsinki.