NIOM is a joint Nordic biomaterial science institute and independent contract laboratory, established in 1972 and is located in Oslo. We undertake research, information, materials testing, standardization and research-based consulting directed towards health authorities and dental health services in the Nordic countries.

Our obligation is to ensure that dental biomaterials and equipment are safe and effective.

We have a distinct Nordic profile through broad contacts with dental educational institutions and biomaterials research centres in the Nordic countries. Our research and consulting are required to be scientifically founded and applicable to clinical dentistry.

A priority at NIOM is to keep our colleagues at the clinics informed about new research within biomaterials and dentistry. Every month our newsletter reaches nearly 10.000 dentists and researchers across the Nordic countries where our latest research publications are promoted.

  • NIOM’s scientists are actively educating university students and welcome students to do their PhD and master’s thesis in collaboration with our institute.
  • NIOM is responsible for promoting continuing Nordic research collaboration in the field of dental biomaterials and have visiting scientists regularly working in our laboratories.
  • NIOM has modern and well-equipped facilities. All aspects of dental biomaterials research are covered by our well-qualified staff.


Our activities support our vision:

aiming at safe and effective biomaterials.

In this way NIOM has an essential role in

strengthening patient safety in the Nordic countries.