NIOM is a joint Nordic biomaterial science institute and contract test laboratory. Research, materials evaluation and participation in international and European standardization support our vision: aiming at safe and well-functioning biomaterials in the Nordic countries. The accredited test laboratory delivers high-quality, accurate and independent results to the customer at R&D, pre-market and post-market phases of product development.




Målet med konferansen er å samle videreutdanningskandidater, stipendiater og forskere til nettverksbygging og til å presentere forskning på tvers av de ulike institusjonene som arbeider innen feltet oral helse.

Season’s greetings from NIOM

Season’s greetings from NIOM

This year has been an exciting one, both personally and for NIOM. I have taken the reins as the new CEO, and as a company, we continue to ensure that dental biomaterials are safe and effective in the Nordic countries. Research has always been a major obligation for...


Weakening of direct dental restorative materials

Wear is an irreversible process affecting both teeth and dental restorations. A recent laboratory study reported on deterioration of a composite resin (Filtek Z250®), a glass ionomer cement (Fuji IX GP®), and a glass hybrid (Equia Forte®) under different types of wear.

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Behandling av tenner med dyp karies

The pulp has many important roles as to the function and survival of teeth. Teeth with deep carious lesions should be treated conservatively if possible. There are several treatment options for this purpose, but they all have in common the necessity of finding a reliable and correct diagnose for the «health status» of the pulp before making a treatment decision. Modern approaches to caries treatment have moved from a pure mechanistic view to a more biological view.


NIOM has established a programme for the quality evaluation of a number of dental products. The evaluation is based on testing of the products according to methods in relevant ISO and other standards, or according to other well-established and documented test methods. Products fulfilling the set requirements are granted permission to use the NIOM TESTED quality seal. The NIOM TESTED quality seal confirms that the product meets the requirements specified by NIOM.