Composite depth of cure and LED dental curing lamp characteristics

Table 4: Lamp manufacturers, serial/identification numbers and year of testing


LampYear controlledManufacturerSerial / identification numbers
bluephase2005Ivoclar Vivadent1562274
bluephase 16i2007Ivoclar Vivadent1646618
bluephase 20i2010Ivoclar Vivadent502039
bluephase G22009Ivoclar Vivadent208783
Celalux2006Voco GmbH3461
Celalux 22010Voco GmbHHandpiece: 302073-201
and 302048-198
Base: S/N F 818078.248
and S/N P 402071-130
Coltolux LED2005Coltène/Whaledent Inc5034056
Demetron A22009sds Kerr96200557
Demi L.E.D.2008sds KerrAdaptor: 30120-0003495Base: 751014276
Demi Plus2011sds KerrHandpiece: S/N 760005174
Battery: 0910
Base: part no 921857-1
Adaptor: S/N 30120-0085361
DioPower lighthead:2006CMS-Dental ApsHand piece: SN-DPC-01-00157Base/light meter: SN-DPMC-01-00186
DioCure470Packaging: SN-DCK-03-00196
Elipar Freelight 220053M ESPE9,3982E+11
Elipar S1020093M ESPE9,39123E+11
Flashlite 14012006Discus Dental6079027
FlashMax2008CMS DentalHandpiece: 08FM0413Base: 211-CH3707
FlashSoft2009CMS DentalHandpiece: 211FS1688Base: 211-CH4228
L.E.Demetron II2007sds KerrBase/ light meter: 792027169Packaging: 762004352
Ledex WL-0702011Dentmate Technology Co.Handpiece: B7095Packaging: SN: DB7092
Pencure VL-72007J.MoritaHandpiece: SN 4724Base:UD3065
Radii Plus2008SDIBase: 3-32496
Smartlite iQ22007DentsplyB21814-H22317
Smartlite PS2005DentsplyHandpiece: AA 04822Light guide: AA 02612
Packaging: Lot 04020015006
S-number: 00316
Starlight pro2010Mectron S.p.AHandpiece: 052MA147Base: 072MA147
Starlight sler2011Mectron S.p.A.Handpiece: 307MF063Base: 208MF063
the Cure Cordless2008Spring Health Products IncHandpiece: # 6046
T LED2011Elca Technologies S.r.l.Handpiece: LM03856Base: LC02392
Translux Power Blue2007Heraeus KulzerHandpiece: 059JC1196Base/light meter: 060JC1196
UltraLume LED 52006Ultradent515748
Valo2010UltradentHandpiece: VO3664Packaging: Lot B4K1N
Adaptor: B4HVW