Faulty bond strength measurements? -

The most commonly used bonding stress method for testing adhesives and cement, the thermal cycling, jeopardizes the results if not done with caution. This leads to a more favorable bond strength than the true value.

Effect of different surface treatments and adhesives on repair bond strength of resin composites after one and 12 months of storage using an improved microtensile test method. -

To evaluate the effect of surface treatments and bonding systems on the repair bond strength between composite materials after one and 12 months of storage, using an improved microtensile test method.

Adhesion properties in systems of laminated pigmented polymers, carbon–graphite fiber composite framework and titanium surfaces in implant suprastructures -

The aim of this study was to evaluate adhesion of CGFR polymer to a titanium surface or CGFR polymer to two different opaquer layers/with two denturebase polymers.

Effect of thermal cycling on composites reinforced with two differently sized silica-glass fibers -

Effects of thermal cycling on the flexural properties of composites reinforced with two differently sized fibers.