De mest brukte komposittene på det norske markedet oppfyller ikke alle formelle krav i ISO-standarden -

Denne undersøkelsen viser at en oppfatning om at et komposittmateriale tilfredsstiller formelle krav i en standard hvis produktet er merket med CE eller ISO 4049 ikke uten videre medfører riktighet.De fleste medfølgende bruksanvisninger på komposittene vi undersøkte, hadde mangler i forhold til hva som kreves av oppgitt informasjon i ISO 4049:2019, og opplysningene hadde enkelte […]

The Norwegian National Network Group for Oral Health Research and Innovation -

In 2014, the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services published a white paper on the status of oral health research in Norway. The white paper emphasised that there were too many small research groups in the country, they focused on too many diverse subjects, and there was too little national and international collaboration.

Protooth shows promising results -

A novel fast-setting calcium silicate cement with fluoride, intended for root fillings, shows promising results on bond strength to dentine.

Webinar on forensic odontology on April 27th -

Join our webinar on April 27th to hear about dental identification work. Our experts talk about international work, cold cases and how you may one day become involved.

Substantial variations in light curing procedures -

Reported data is scarce on light curing times of restorations and irradiance of the curing devices used. In this study we sought to improve the knowledge of such parameters as total light dose applied to a restoration layer and the total potential exposure to reflected light to the dentist’s eyes during a workday.