Faulty bond strength measurements? -

The most commonly used bonding stress method for testing adhesives and cement, the thermal cycling, jeopardizes the results if not done with caution. This leads to a more favorable bond strength than the true value.

How healthy were the Vikings’ teeth? -

Though extensive research has been performed on Viking settlements, few have been from an odontological point of view. Finally, this is changing.

Temperature Changes in Test Specimens During Thermal Cycling -

Abstract Objectives Thermal cycling procedure using water bath of 5 C and 55 C is a commonly used method to stress and age test specimens in laboratory testing. Typically, test specimens are kept in each of the water bath for 20 sec with 3 sec transfer time using 5000 – 10 000 cycles. After the […]

Improved micro-tensile strength test reveals key to successful repair of restorations -

A more reliable and less time-consuming test method to evaluate the micro-tensile strength of the repair bond between old and new composites has recently been published. The improved test method is based on studies carried out previously at NIOM.

Effect of curing and silanizing on composite repair bond strength using an improved micro-tensile test method -

To evaluate the micro-tensile repair bond strength between aged and new composite, using silane and adhesives that were cured or left uncured when new composite was placed.