Snus and pregnancy – a risky connection -

Swedish smokeless tobacco, also known as “snus” is popular in the Nordic countries. It is not without risk, however, and during pregnancy the risks are worth knowing.

Silver release from dentine treated with combinations of silver diamine fluoride, potassium iodide and etching -

For individuals with very high to extremely high caries activity and poor control of daily oral hygiene, a simple treatment for arresting their caries activity is necessary. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) has become increasingly common for this purpose due to its efficacy and ease of application. To avoid or reduce tooth discoloration after SDF treatment […]

Oral lesions associated with daily use of snus, a moist smokeless tobacco product. A cross-sectional study among Norwegian adolescents -

Use of snus, a moist, smokeless tobacco product, may lead to local changes in the oral mucous membrane in the area where the snus is placed. It can also cause irreversible gingival retraction. This cross-sectional study aimed to investigate the relationship between use of snus, oral mucosal lesions (snus induced lesions) and gingival retractions among adolescents in Norway.

Er helserisikoen ved snus undervurdert? -

Hovedbudskap til helsepersonell

Bruk av svensk snus er forbundet med økt risiko for kreft, høyt blodtrykk, økt dødelighet etter kreft og hjerte- og karsykdommer, økt risiko for psykose, overvekt, metabolsk syndrom – og (ved høyt forbruk) økt risiko for diabetes type 2. Snusbrukere som slutter etter
hjerteinfarkt, halverer risikoen for å dø i tiden etter infarktet. Bruk av snus under svangerskapet er skadelig for barnet. Den høye bruken av snus er derfor bekymringsfull.

Significant health risks of using snus while pregnant -

An increased risk of stillbirth, preeclampsia, and oral cleft malformations, are among risks of using Swedish snus while pregnant. Read more about the report here.