New Managing Director at NIOM -

Professor Per Vult von Steyern, 62, from Malmö, has commenced as Managing Director of NIOM, as of May 1. Professor Vult von Steyern is Doctor of Odontology and former chair of the ….

New webinar out now -

Professor dr. odont., Per Vult von Steyern talks about which zirconia materials work best in different clinical situations. How to prepare and get the best, most long lasting result? Listen and watch as professor von Steyern give a few clinical examples on methods, and use, for translucent monolithic zirconium dioxide.”

When knowledge multiplies -

– These are strange times, says Per Vult von Steyern. The Swedish professor in prosthetic dentistry is currently a guest researcher at NIOM. Fortunately, the Norwegian Covid19-restrictions do not restrict him. Quite the contrary. – It’s so quiet, it’s almost meditative, he says, half smiling. Usually, Per divides his time between his responsibilities at the […]