Endodontic sealers after exposure to chlorhexidine digluconate: An assessment of physicochemical properties -

Final root canal irrigation should ideally maintain the physicochemical stability of root canal sealers. We seek to assess the effect of contact with 2% chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX) on the physicochemical properties of AH Plus, BioRoot™ RCS, and Pulp Canal Sealer (PCS)…

Effect of chlorhexidine digluconate on antimicrobial activity, cell viability and physicochemical properties of three endodontic sealers -

The main hypothesis of the study as rejected as exposure to CHX affected sealers’ properties. CHX in contact
with sealer surfaces improved the antibacterial properties of the sealer leachates and reduced cell viability for all sealer leachates, except for freshly mixed PCS. Among the tested sealers, BioRoot RCS leachates presented the highest antibacterial properties and cell viability with and without CHX contact.