Bond strength of a composite luting agent to alumina ceramic surfaces -

Within the limitation of the conditions of this study, treatment of alumina oxide ceramic surfaces with a plasma spray coating or a low-fusing porcelain pearl layer significantly increased the SBS of a resin luting agent to the ceramic surface.

Bond strength of composite luting cement to zirconia ceramic surfaces -

Treatment of zirconia ceramic surfaces with plasma spraying or a low fusing porcelain pearl layer significantly increased the bond strength of resin cement to the ceramic surface.

Helkeramiske protetiske erstatninger -

Behandling med helkeramiske kroner og broer, med en indre kjerne av aluminiumoksid eller zirkoniumoksid,har etter hvert blitt mer vanlig. Metallfrie protetiske erstatninger er et mer ønskelig alternativ for både pasienter og mange tannleger, men er det et brukbart alternativ allerede i dag?

Stress relaxation in titanium-ceramic beams during veneering -

Spalling of a ceramic from the metallic substrate is related to stress at the metallo-ceramic interface of crowns. The purpose of this study is to (1) establish a method for recording the bending radius of metallo-ceramic strips during cooling, (2) calculate the stress in the metal adjacent to the metallo-ceramic interface based on the recorded bending and (3) compare this stress with that calculated from the mismatch between measurements of the coefficients of thermal expansion, alpha, of the ceramic and titan.

Fracture toughness and flexural strength of dental ceramics for titanium -

Three brands of dental ceramics for veneering to titanium: TitanBond (O’Hara), Ti-Ceram (Ducera) and Titankeramik (Vita) were tested to compare their fracture properties in wet and in dry conditions.