Digital evaluation of marginal and internal fit of single-crown fixed dental prostheses -

The adaptation of single-crown fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) is a subject of great interest in the research community. Many investigations have been published, and a variety of evaluation methods have been used to determine the fit accuracy of prosthetics.
Many of the methods required manual measurements of the gap between the restoration and the abutment. With the introduction of CAD/CAM techniques, digital tools started being used for evaluating the adaptation of FDPs.
In this study, a tabletop dental scanner was used. It is anticipated that in a clinical setting, an intraoral scanner is sufficient, at least for single-crown FDPs.

NIOM CEO at the FDI World Dental Congress 2018 -

NIOM is present at the FDI World Dental Congress NIOM CEO, Professor Jon E. Dahl participates in the FDI World Dental Congress take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 5–8 September 2018.

Shining new light on dental biomaterials: NIOM is hosting Northern Lights 2018 -

NIOM is host and local organizer of the sixth annual Northern Lights International Symposium which is taking place July 30-31st in Oslo. The main topics of the conference are bioactive materials and light transmission through ceramics and composites. The symposium aims to bring together almost 60 leading experts from 16 countries and over two days they will work through the topics through presentations and discussions, leading to a consensus that will be covered in a wide variety of post-conference publications.

NIOM represents at IADR 2018 -

NIOM Managing Director, Professor Jon E. Dahl and NIOM Engineer Solveig Uvsløkk will be representing NIOM at this year’s IADR conference, held in London from the 25th to 28th of July.

Temperature Changes in Test Specimens During Thermal Cycling -

Abstract Objectives Thermal cycling procedure using water bath of 5 C and 55 C is a commonly used method to stress and age test specimens in laboratory testing. Typically, test specimens are kept in each of the water bath for 20 sec with 3 sec transfer time using 5000 – 10 000 cycles. After the […]