Toksisitet av plastmaterialer -

  Samuelsen JT Dahl JE Toksisitet av plastmaterialer 2016;Universitetet i Oslo  

Glass-ionomer cements are also technique-sensitive materials -

Glass-ionomer cements (GIC) adheres to tooth substance but the strength of the GIC is lower than other filling materials. Even though traditional GIC products have been used for Class II restorations in pediatric patients, the longevity of the restoration is often regarded as inferior to other materials.

Glass ionomer – a suitable restorative material in deciduous teeth? -

Traditionally, amalgam has been used for Class II restorations in primary teeth, but the use of amalgam has decreased in Scandinavia during the latest few decades, and now, amalgam has been banned in Norway and Sweden. Glass ionomer (GIC) adheres to tooth substance and has been a popular alternative to amalgam, but the traditional GIC products do not give as high longevity as amalgam in Class II restorations.

NIOM at NTF Landsmøte and Rikstämman, 2013 -

NIOM scientists were invited to the national dental conventions in Sweden and Norway this autumn. You can here read the conclusions of the lectures given on bulk-fill materials, nano-materials, safety of tooth bleaching, and quality of custom-made dental restorations imported from overseas and made at national laboratories.

Summary of: Side effects of external tooth bleaching: a multi-centre practice-based prospective study. -

The study was performed to assess the risk of at-home and in-office bleaching procedures, and to recognise potential predictors for side effects.
Bleaching treatment, irrespective of method, caused a high prevalence of side effects