New Managing Director at NIOM -

Professor Per Vult von Steyern, 62, from Malmö, has commenced as Managing Director of NIOM, as of May 1. Professor Vult von Steyern is Doctor of Odontology and former chair of the ….

Cobalt in dental devices -

The use of cobalt in dental devices as crowns, bridges and removable partial prosthesis have now raised concern as cobalt is classified as a CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, toxic to Reproduction) substance, says Jon E. Dahl, CEO at NIOM.

NIOM to PER-IADR Oral Health Research congress 2022 -

You will be able to meet NIOM on three different occasions at the PER-IADR in Marseille. From the exhibition area, to the poster section, to the symposium “Biological and clinical aspects of modern composite techniques” with NIOMs Frode Staxrud as chair.

Shear bond strength of resin bonded zirconia and lithium disilicate – effect of surface treatment of ceramics and dentin -

The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of ceramic surface pretreatment, effect of resin cement and dentin surface roughness on shear bond strength.

Áhrif sílans og ljósherðingar á viðgerðarstyrk plastblendis -

Að mæla μ-togþols viðgerðarstyrk milli gamlaðs og nýs plastblendis með því að nota sílan og mismunandi bindiefni sem voru hert eða óhert þegar nýju plastblendi var bætt við.