Harmful compound found in charcoal toothpaste -

A new NIOM study found the toxic compound naphthalene in a charcoal toothpaste, raising questions about the safety of such products.

How to talk to fluoride sceptics -

As recent news articles highlight the dangers of ski wax containing fluorinated compounds, more patients are becoming skeptical towards fluoride in toothpaste. It is vital to be clear that these are two completely different forms of fluorine element with respect to both toxicity and reactivity.

Investigation on the antimicrobial activity of chitosan-modified zinc oxide-eugenol cement -

The present study showed that a ZOE-based material has an antibacterial effect and that incorporating CH or COS may increase the antibacterial effect depending on the bacterial species. The total release of eugenol from the materials was stable for up to 18 weeks immersion in water. Eugenol therefore contributed to the antibacterial effect on all the material surfaces investigated. S. mutans exhibited the highest susceptibility to eugenol. The compressive strength of the modified materials was reduced but still met the requirements in ISO 3017.

How can dental materials be made better? -

Future resin-based dental materials must combat the reasons current materials fail, mainly secondary caries and fracture, but still be easy for the dentist to use and safe for the patient.

NIOM with strong contingent at the ISO/TC 106 annual meeting in Milan -

At the annual dentistry standardisation meeting being held in Milan, Italy from September 16 to 21 there will be a strong NIOM contingent.