How can dental materials be made better? -

Future resin-based dental materials must combat the reasons current materials fail, mainly secondary caries and fracture, but still be easy for the dentist to use and safe for the patient.

New BPA-free monomer for dental materials -

NIOM guest-researcher Jingwei He has successfully synthesized a BPA-free monomer, which has been evaluated for experimental materials. The conclusion is that the new monomer has potential to be used in commercial dental composites.

Safe and long-lasting restorations -

Our patients want safe restorations that retain their function for as long as possible. Preventing recurrent caries and improved handling are the best approaches to optimize quality and safety of dental materials, a recent article from NIOM scientists concluded.

Chitosan and chitosan-oligosaccharide as antimicrobial agents in ZOE restorative materials -

This highlights the importance of the antibacterial properties of the material, to kill remaining bacteria during excavation and bacteria that may penetrate the coronal restoration of an endodontically treated tooth.