Prevalence of molar-incisor-hypomineralisation among 8-year-olds -

Dentists often see patients with developmental defects in tooth enamel. The characteristically white, brown or yellow stains are present from when the tooth first erupts. But, how common are these defects?

Preferred treatment option of severely destroyed primary molars and hypomineralisation defects in children -

There is published literature supporting the use of stainless steel crowns (SSC) for severely destroyed primary molars and hypomineralisation defects in children. However, until now, little is known about the dentists` preferences in this area. A newly published paper by NIOM and collaborators holds the answer.

Treatment decisions regarding caries and dental developmental defects in children a questionnaire-based study among Norwegian dentists -

When dentists are treating children with dental caries or DDDs, they must decide the most appropriate treatment in each case. The results of the present study showed a notable disparity between clinician’s
treatment choices. In summary, the clinicians based their treatment choice mostly on patient cooperation, prognosis of the tooth and own experience. The results indicate that Norwegian dentists in PDS evaluate each case individually and base their decisions on what they consider is the best for the individual child.