In vivo and in vitro irritation testing of low concentrations of hydrofluoric acid -

Acidic fluorides are proposed for the treatment of dental erosion. The aim of this study was to examine the irritation properties of dilute hydrofluoric acid (HF) solutions for potential use in the oral cavity.

In vitro biocompatibility of denture relining materials -

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the in vitro biocompatibility of denture relining materials using cell culture tests and a test for irritation mechanisms.

Corrosion and biocompatibility testing of palladium alloy castings. -

The biocompatibility of palladium-copper alloys has been questioned in the literature. The intention of the present work was to study: (a) the release of ions in an immersion test from a copper-containing alloy, Option((R)) (79% Pd, 10% Cu, 9% Ga, 2% Au), compared with an alloy without Cu, IS85 (82% Pd, 6% Ga, 3.5% Sn, 3.5% In, 2.5% Ag, 2.5% Au); (b) the effect of oxide films produced by preoxidation on corrosion resistance; and (c) the possibility of biologically synergetic effects of ions released.

Irritation of dental adhesive agents evaluated by the HET–CAM test -

The HET–CAM test (hen’s egg–chorioallantoic membrane test) was used to evaluate the irritative potential of dental adhesive agents used to improve the clinical quality of resin-based restorations.