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Table 2: LED curing lamp spectral characteristics Lamp Measureddiameter oflight guide [mm] Manufacturer’s given values Measured values      Light intensity (irradiance)[mW/cm2] Wavelength range[nm] Light intensity (irradiance)[mW/cm2]in the wavelength range of400–515 nm Wavelengthrange [nm]> 2 mW/cm2 Wavelength [nm]at light intensitymaximum bluephase 7.5 HI P:               1100 430–490 1398 (> than stated) 426–499 457 LO P:               650 – Soft […]

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Bahram Ranjkesh (DK)Project: Push-out bond strength of iMTA. Dag Ørstavik (NO)Project: Studies using the LiveBac method on dentin and endodontic materials. Kirsten Rakkestad (NO)Project: Mechanisms for HEMA-induced changes in inflammation markers. Mervi Puska (FI) Project: Materials for reconstruction of hard tissue. Sigfus Thor Eliasson (IS) Project: Repair of composite fillings. Extension of ongoing work. Sisko […]

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NIOM TESTED approved products:     Product   name    Company   name      Category    Verification   year    MO Wing   Merident Optergo   Eye protection filters for use with curing lamps   2013   i-ENDO   i-Dental   Root canal sealers   2014   GuttaFlow® bioseal   Coltène/Whaledent AG   Root canal […]

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Enhance your product reliability – with confidence and ease! Confidence in your products and innovations is crucial for market performance and sales. When you document your products’ reliability and quality you are taking the obvious steps towards this belief. Label your products with this confidence – and you are one step ahead! The NIOM TESTED program […]

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Scientists from NIOM participated when 40 delegates from academic institutions, research institutes and industry gathered to decide guidelines on light curing to be given to dental personnel. The meeting was held at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada in the spring of 2014, and guidelines were published a few months later. The three major themes of the readily […]