Publications 2001 -

Publications sorted alphabetically by title. Allergic reactions and safety concerns.Hensten-Pettersen A, Jacobsen N, Grimsdóttir MR. In: BRANTLEY WA, ELIADES T, eds. Orthodontic materials: Scientific and clinical aspects. Stuttgart: Thieme; 2001: 287–99. Biocompatibility of restorative materials.Hensten-Pettersen A, Jacobsen N. Oper Dent 2001; suppl. 6: 229–35. Bleaching. Dahl JE. The 84th Annual Meeting of NOF 2001, Abstr. 515. Changes in occupational […]

Publications 2002 -

Publications sorted alphabetically by title. Adverse patient reactions and occupational health complaints in orthodontics.Hensten-Pettersen A, Jacobsen N. Rev Orthop Dento Faciale 2002;36:187–209. Akuttbehandling – et populært tema. Dahl JE. Nor Tannlegeforen Tidende 2002;112:804–5. Apikaalisen parodontiitin röntgenologiaa.Huumoonen S, Haapasalo M.Suomen hammaslääkärilehti 2002;9(17):960–6. Bleking av tenner.Dahl JE, Pallesen U. Nor Tannlegeforen Tidende 2002;112:368–75. Tandlægebladet 2002;106:620–7, Tandläkartidningen 2002;94:56–62, Suomen Hammaslääkärilehti 2002;9:848–54. Bondingprodukter.Wellendorf […]

Publications 2003 -

Publications sorted alphabetically by title. Adhesion of Endodontic Sealers: Scanning electron Microscopy and Energy dispersive Spectroscopy.Saleh IM, Ruyter IE, Haapasalo MP, Ørstavik D. J Endod. 2003Sep;29(9):595–601. Changes in occupational health problems and adverse patient reactions in orthodontics from 1987 to 2000.Jacobsen N, Hensten-Pettersen A. Eur J Orthod. 2003 Dec;25(6):591–8. Cytotoxicity of liquids and powders of chemically different […]

Publications 2004 -

Publications sorted alphabetically by title. Adhesivsystem.Dahl JE, Ruyter IE. Nor Tannlegeforen Tid 2004;114: 566–7; Tandläkartidningen; Tandlægebladet; Suomen Hammaslääkärilehti. A multivariate analysis of the outcome of endodontic treatment.Ørstavik D, Quist V, Stoltze K. Eur J Oral Sci. 2004 Jun;112(3):224–30. An evaluation of microbial leakage in roots filled with a thermoplastic synthetic polymer-based root canal filling material (Resilon). Shipper G, Ørstavik D, Teixeira […]

Publications 2005 -

Publications sorted alphabetically by title. Allergic reactions in endodontic practice.Hensten A, Jacobsen N. Endodontic Topics 2005, 12, 44–51. An in vitro comparison of the shear bond strength of a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement and a composite adhesive for bonding orthodontic brackets.Movahhed HZ, Øgaard B, Syverud M. Eur J Orthod. 2005 Oct;25(5):477–83. Epub 2005 Jul 25. Ask the […]