Glass ionomer – a suitable restorative material in deciduous teeth? -

Traditionally, amalgam has been used for Class II restorations in primary teeth, but the use of amalgam has decreased in Scandinavia during the latest few decades, and now, amalgam has been banned in Norway and Sweden. Glass ionomer (GIC) adheres to tooth substance and has been a popular alternative to amalgam, but the traditional GIC products do not give as high longevity as amalgam in Class II restorations.

Health hazard from resin-modified glass ionomer materials in pediatric dentistry. -

Resin-modified glass ionomer fillings are commonly used in pediatric dentistry. We have investigated possible exposure of monomers from such materials in vivo. Saliva was collected at three time points, pre-treatment, immediately after placement, and one week post-placement, from 20 patients aged seven to ten that had their first resin-based glass ionomer filling placed.

Placement and replacement of restorations in primary teeth. -

This practice-based study aimed to record the use of restorative materials, the type of restoration by class, and the reason for and the age of failed restorations in primary teeth by means of a survey of placement and replacement of restorations in 1996 and 2000/2001. Written alternative criteria for placement and replacement of restorations were provided for the participating clinicians.