Webkurs 18 januar – påmelding nå -

Hør Frode Staxrud forelese om minimal invasiv tannbehandling kvelden 18 januar kl 18.00 til 20.00. Staxrud vil gå gjennom flere eksempler og vise når det er aktuelt med operativ tannbehandling, og når det beste for pasienten er forebyggende tiltak. Kurset teller 2 poeng i NTF sitt obligatoriske etterutdanningsprogram. Pris kr 350. Påmelding: send mail med […]

New “Universal bonding agents” reliable for repair of composite restorations. -

A recent NIOM-study looked at the reliability of using “Universal bonding agents” in composite-to-composite shear bond strength test. It is worth noting that all nine bonding agents in the study performed as well, or better, than the previous “Gold Standard”, the 3-step etch-and-rinse bonding agent.

New visiting scientists at NIOM -

NIOM has welcomed two guest researchers affiliated with Finish universities. Heba Abdelrazik is coming to work on a project connected to her PhD, while Pekka Ahlholm is doing some post-doctorate research. Barely two weeks into their stay, they’re happily settling in.

How French dentists manage defective restorations: Evidence from ReCOL the French dental practice-based research network –A survey study -

Repair of DRs is a conservative approach to increase the longevity of these restorations. Despite its limitations, the present study indicates that a significant proportion of Fr-GDPs still do not make sufficient use of dental restoration repair on a routine basis. A lack of knowledge of the concept seems to explain at least part of this situation.

Join our symposium at PER-IADR -

On September 16, NIOM and NOF will host a joint symposium titled “Biological and clinical aspects of modern composite techniques”. – NIOMs Frode Staxrud will chair the event, says Jon E. Dahl, NIOMs CEO. Staxrud is joined by Pekka K. Vallittu from the University of Turku, NIOMs Jan Tore Samuelsen and Niek Opdam from Radboud […]