Functional and aesthetical properties of single dental crowns. -

The aims of the study were to investigate functional and aesthetic properties, the composition of the alloy, and the content of hazardous elements of single dental crowns with metal skeleton and fired porcelain. Epoxy models made from full mouth impressions taken of a patient with a crown preparation of the right maxillary first permanent molar […]

Not yet sufficient use of MID in France -

A recent study indicated that a significant proportion of French GDPs do not yet make sufficient use of repair when it comes to defective restoration.

Silver release from dentine treated with combinations of silver diamine fluoride, potassium iodide and etching -

For individuals with very high to extremely high caries activity and poor control of daily oral hygiene, a simple treatment for arresting their caries activity is necessary. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) has become increasingly common for this purpose due to its efficacy and ease of application. To avoid or reduce tooth discoloration after SDF treatment […]

Webkurs 18 januar – påmelding nå -

Hør Frode Staxrud forelese om minimal invasiv tannbehandling kvelden 18 januar kl 18.00 til 20.00. Staxrud vil gå gjennom flere eksempler og vise når det er aktuelt med operativ tannbehandling, og når det beste for pasienten er forebyggende tiltak. Kurset teller 2 poeng i NTF sitt obligatoriske etterutdanningsprogram. Pris kr 350. Påmelding: send mail med […]

New “Universal bonding agents” reliable for repair of composite restorations. -

A recent NIOM-study looked at the reliability of using “Universal bonding agents” in composite-to-composite shear bond strength test. It is worth noting that all nine bonding agents in the study performed as well, or better, than the previous “Gold Standard”, the 3-step etch-and-rinse bonding agent.