Promotion of Adhesion Between Resin and Silica-coated Titanium by Silane Monomers and Formic Acid Catalyst -

Three bifunctional silane coupling agent monomers and their blends with a cross-linking silane were investigated as six experimental adhesion-promoters in vitro. Three organosilane monomers, 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane, styrylethyltrimethoxysilane, and 3-(N-allylamino)propyltrimethoxysilane, were prepared as 1% (v/v) primers and also blended with a cross-linking silane, 1,2-bis-(triethoxysilyl)ethane at 0.5% (v/v), in a 95:5 solution of ethanol in deionized water.