NIOM participate at ISO/TC 194 in Annapolis -

The international organization for standardization hosted a meeting from the 18. – 23. September in Annapolis, Maryland, USA where the goal was to further develop standards for biological and clinical evaluation of medical devices.

Changes in appearance of silicone elastomers for maxillofacial prostheses as a result of aging -

A study which investigates the influence of certain defined variables on color and opacity of silicone elastomers for maxillofacial prostheses.

Effect of water storage on the flexural properties of E-glass and silica fiber acrylic resin composite. -

This study determine the effect of water on the flexural properties of fiber-reinforced denture base polymers.

How different curing methods affect mechanical properties of composites for inlays when tested in dry and wet conditions. -

This investigation was to evaluate the differences in the mechanical properties of 3 composite materials in relationship to the intraoral and extraoral curing techniques of direct and indirect (inlay) restorations, and how the mechanical properties are affected by water sorption