Adhesion properties in systems of laminated pigmented polymers, carbon–graphite fiber composite framework and titanium surfaces in implant suprastructures -

The aim of this study was to evaluate adhesion of CGFR polymer to a titanium surface or CGFR polymer to two different opaquer layers/with two denturebase polymers.

Effect of thermal cycling on flexural properties of carbon-graphite fiber-reinforced polymers -

Aim of study: Determine flexural strength and modulus after water storage and thermal cycling of carbon–graphite fiber-reinforced (CGFR) polymers based on poly(methyl methacrylate) and a copolymer matrix, and to examine adhesion between fiber and matrix by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Evidence for induction of cardiorespiratory and vascular complications by methylmethacrylate monomer in hip replacement surgery. Laboratory and animal investigations -

In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that MMA in different ways contribute to activation of coagulation. In addition, MMA per se is cytotoxic and may in clinically relevant concentrations cause disintegration of vascular and blood cells with potential release of proteolytic enzymes and exposure of subendothelial constituents.

Cyclopolymerization of Dodecanidiol Dimethacrylate and Identification of Polymer Structure -

Dimethacrylate (DMA) and its polymer have been proven to be very useful in a wide variety of biomedical
applications and microelectronics research. However, its strong polymerization shrinkage may introduce trouble for the application of a direct filling material.

How different curing methods affect the degree of conversion of resin-based inlay/onlay materials -

The purpose of this investigation was to measure the conversion of five inlay materials with different curing methods. In particular, the influence of secondary curing in light ovens—that is, additional curing with light and heat simultaneously—was evaluated.