Influence of thermal cycling on flexural properties of composites reinforced with unidirectional silica-glass fibers. -

 A study which suggest that the surface-treated unidirectional silica-glass FRC (fiber-reinforced composites) can be used for long-term clinical applications in the oral cavity.

Cytotoxicity of silica–glass fiber reinforced composites -

Abstract Objectives Silica–glass fiber reinforced polymers can be used for many kinds of dental applications. The fiber reinforcement enhances the mechanical properties of the polymers, and they have good esthetic attributes. There is good initial bonding of glass fibers to polymers via an interface made from silane coupling agents. The aim of this in vitro study […]

Wettability, water sorption and water solubility of seven silicone elastomers used for maxillofacial prostheses. -

A study wish showed that condensation type polymers may show too large volumetric changes when exposed to fluids, and therefore should no longer be used in prosthetic devices.

A prospective study on the clinical performance of polysiloxane soft liners: one-year results. -

A study which evaluate the clinical performance of four denture soft liners up to 12 months

Bacterial penetration along different root canal filling materials in the presence or absence of smear layer -

To study the effect of the smear layer on the penetration of bacteria along different root canal filling materials and to examine the dentine/sealer and sealer/core material interfaces for the presence of bacteria.