Magic in the workshop -

It’s not quite Gepetto’s workshop, but magic still happens at NIOM’s instrument workshop. The two toolmakers both have engineering backgrounds, as well as a combined 42 years of experience at NIOM.

Fracture mode during cyclic loading of implant-supported single-tooth restorations -

The study compared the mode of fracture and number of cyclic loads until veneering fracture when ceramic and metal ceramic restorations with different veneering ceramics were supported by implants.

Bond strength of luting materials to ceramic crowns after different surface treatments. -

The aim of present study was to evaluate the effect of different pre-treatments of alumina and zirconia copings on the bond strength of different luting materials. Pull out tests was performed on 60 alumina and 80 zirconia copings.

Dimensional fit of cast Ti-restorations -

Undersizing of cast Ti crowns has been reported to be a problem. The diameter of standardized, cylindrical crowns was studied in this investigation using a photographic technique and cold moulds. The results show that the dimensional problem can be avoided by selecting a standard phosphate-bonded investment with a sufficiently high thermal expansion coefficient.

A novel miniature bite force recorder and its clinical application. -

Eight females and eight males, 20 to 25 years old, were asked to produce a succession of maximum bites at three second intervals for as long as possible. The mean maximal bite force was 500 N ranging from 330 to 680 N.