Appropriate eye protection filters prevent ocular damage from curing light -

A study was performed to assess 13 different eye protection filters, glasses and shields, intended for use with dental material light curing procedures as a follow-up to a similar investigation in 2006. To assess the safety and efficiency, spectra of curing lamps and filters were measured using a spectroradiometric instrument and integrating sphere.

Safe use of dental laser -

Laser is employed for a variety of tooth and oral treatments. Numbers from a national registry indicate that its use has doubled during the latest five years. This increase has occurred despite, in many instances, the lack of evidence of superior treatment outcome relative to conventional or other new treatments.

Detection of leachables and cytotoxicity after exposure to methacrylate- and epoxy-based root canal sealers in vitro. -

Abstract Root canal sealing materials may have toxic potential in vitro depending on the cell line, cytotoxicity assay, material chemistry, and degree of polymer curing. The aims of the present study were to detect leaching components from epoxy- or methacrylate-based root canal sealers and to investigate the degree of cytotoxicity after exposure to extracts from […]

Se opp for lys fra herdelamper -

Bruken av lysherdende tannrestaureringsmaterialer har økt, og med den, anvendelsen av herdelamper. Det er va­ria­sjo­ner i lampenes fysiske karakteristika som bølgelengdeområde og lysintensitet, men felles for mange lamper er at intensiteten har økt sammenlignet med tidligere versjoner av samme fabrikat. Reflektert lys fra det belyste området vil kunne skade øynene.