How different curing methods affect mechanical properties of composites for inlays when tested in dry and wet conditions. -

This investigation was to evaluate the differences in the mechanical properties of 3 composite materials in relationship to the intraoral and extraoral curing techniques of direct and indirect (inlay) restorations, and how the mechanical properties are affected by water sorption

Composites for use in posterior teeth: mechanical properties tested under dry and wet conditions -

The purpose of this investigation was to determine some mechanical properties of eight different posterior composites, and how they are affected by water sorption.

Compressive creep of light cured resin based restorative materials. -

Creep characteristics of four light activated composite of different composition were determined at 37 and 50 degrees C. The creep properties were compared with the composition of the materials.

Compressive creep of denture base polymers -

The creep characteristics of heat-polymerized and auto-polymerized dough and pour type denture base materials were measured at 23, 37, and 50 degrees C with emphasis on secondary steady state creep rates.