Genes a factor in fighting dental erosion -

Erosive tooth wear is a growing problem. While the causes are many, from increased consumption of soda and acidic food, we now know that genes play a role too. A recent NIOM study looks delves into the subject matter.

Association of locus Xq26.1 – 27.3 with Erosive Tooth Wear Phenotypes in a Group of Adolescents -

Erosive tooth wear is a multifactorial condition of an increasing prevalence. There is a need for discovering individual genetic predisposition for the development of this condition. Considering that the chromosome X locus was shown to be associated with dental caries, the aim of the present study was to look for the association between this locus […]

Therapeutic Strategies for Dry Mouth Management with Emphasis on Electrostimulation as a Treatment Option – Review Article -

Xerostomia is a subjective sensation of dry mouth. It is commonly associated with salivary gland hypofunction. Both changes in the composition of the saliva and a reduction in the quantity secreted may be an objective finding of dry mouth.

New review article: genetic aspects of dental erosive wear and dental caries -

The high prevalence of dental erosion and dental caries among certain groups, and observations that not all individuals appear to be at risk, has sparked research on genetic effects related to these conditions.

Energy drink sales spike – teeth suffers -

Energy drink sales in Norway are up 60 percent in the last year. The spike in sales have more and more dentist worried about increased damage to drinker’s teeth. A new article at explores the subject, bringing in the newest numbers and research. Among the experts consulted are NIOM’s Aida Mulic. Read the whole […]