Dr Hilde Kopperud and Dr Ellen Bruzell attended the Symposium on Light Sources in Dentistry in Halifax, Canada, 29–30 May 2014.

The overall purpose of the meeting was to improve oral health by improving the longevity of resin restorations. The role of the dental curing light and how it is used in dentistry was reviewed.

A consensus statement resulted from the meeting and was published as “Guidelines to the practitioners” in several dental journals (J Adhesive Dentistry, Dental Materials, Operative Dentistry, J Canadian Dental Association). These guidelines have also been translated to Norwegian (link to Tidende) and Swedish (link to Tandläkartidningen).

Dr Hilde Kopperud held a presentation entitled:
Influence of exposure time on the depth of cure.

Dr Ellen Bruzell presented the lecture:
Biological impact of optical radiation from curing lights.

You can read more about the symposium here.