Gold- sponsor NIOM had a strong representation at this year’s CED-IADR/ NOF, which took place last week in Madrid.

Senior scientist Aida Mulic opened Thursday’s symposium «Dental Erosion – The new toothache».

The three-part symposium gave an overview of the prevalence, risk indicators and non-invasive treatment of the condition, based on clinical cases and supported by scientific literature.

– Erosive tooth wear is a multifactorial condition of growing concern. The prevalence is high, particularly among children and adolescents, Mulic said before going in.

The symposium was sponsored by NOF and NIOM. Here, on stage, from the left: Jon E. Dahl, Ulla Pallesen, Peter Holbrook, Aida Mulic, Viivi Alarauanjoki and Torgils Lægreid.

Nordic collaboration

With her fellow speakers Viivi Alaraudanjoki, Finland, Ulla Pallesen, Denmark, and Torgils Lægreid, Norway, Mulic dove into the latest research.

– The symposium got good feedback, and ended with a great discussion, Mulic says.

It was chaired by NIOM CEO Jon E. Dahl and Professor Peter Holbrook from Reykjavik, Iceland.

The poster section

Frode Staxrud was also present, and brought the poster “Quality of Norwegian and overseas made single dental crowns.”

– It is based on our research investigating functional and aesthetical properties of single dental crowns made for Norwegian dentists, Staxrud says.

Mulic was also represented, with the poster “Knowledge and Opinions of Erosive Tooth Wear (ETW) among Finnish Dentists,” a collaboration with colleagues at the University of Oulu.