Staying ahead is one of our biggest drives, and we are always looking for ways to work smarter and better. Recently this led us to 3D technology, and an exciting new addition we’re looking forward to using in testing, as well as future research.

Asiga MAX UV 3D printer

Our recent procurement, the Asiga MAX UV 3D printer, adds speed and predictability to our production of test specimens. It allows us to prepare printable resin specimens in-house in addition to traditional preparation techniques. The printer will also give possibilities for using 3DP for new test designs in research and development

High surface quality

Asiga MAX UV is known as one of the most precise and reliable 3D printers in the dental field. It can operate at variable increments in the Z resolution with 1-µm adjustments and will easily print at 10 microns layer thickness. In layman’s terms, this correlates to one tenth of the thickness of an average human hair. This supreme accuracy means that we can easily achieve the high surface quality, and precision, that is needed for dental specimens.

Open source

The Asiga MAX UV is an open material system 3D-printer. This means it is able to print material from many different manufacturers, of both dental and non- dental materials. The printer also gives NIOM the opportunity to cast negative molds, when there is a need to cast specimens using composite materials, metals or various alloys. The versatility makes it an exciting addition not only for testing, but for future scientific research.

The Asiga MAX UV is per date compatible with materials from the following manufacturers: NextDent, Scheu, Detax, dentona, pro3dure, WhipMix, GC, keystone, DENTCA and Dreve.