NIOM is very pleased to announce the return of Simen E. Kopperud, as Senior Scientist, after a two years absence. Kopperud graduated as dentist (DDS) from the University of Oslo in 2005 and received a PhD degree from the same university in 2013. He worked as a NIOM scientist from 2013-2016.

– I am very pleased to be back at NIOM. I left the institute two years ago to work full time as a clinician, but realized that dental research was closer to my heart. In my new position at NIOM I will participate in a recently established research network with representatives from all dentistry research institutions in Norway. The network aims to endorse cooperation and joint research projects, Kopperud says.

Kopperud has a background in clinical dental research, with main interest in cariology and minimal intervention dentistry. He is also engaged in forensic odontology research in the Norwegian Armed Forces, and the University of Oslo.