”Perspectives On Biomaterials:” the 11th annual meeting for The Scandinavian Society of Biomaterials, Gullmarsstrand April 25-27


NIOM senior scientists Ellen Bruzell and Håkon Valen will participate at the Scandinavian Society of Biomaterials’ 11th annual meeting in Gullmarsstrand, Sweden April 25-27 (ScSB 2018).

Bruzell and Valen are to present research findings from NIOM and the University of Oslo, titled ”Antibacterial and anti-adhesive properties of Pluronic® F127 solutions in the absence or presence of photoactivation”.

A secondary aim of the meeting is to create a productive environment for dialogue in which students and budding scientists can interact with more experienced and established scientists in the field.

For more information and program, see here: http://www.scsb.eu/gullmarsstrand-2018.htm