Research groups

Research underpins both standardization activities and the information and recommendations provided to health authorities, the dental profession and the public. Biomaterial research is done in collaboration with universities, institutes and public dental service in the Nordic countries and worldwide.

NIOM has a well-qualified staff covering all aspects of dental biomaterials. Currently, a permanent staff of 25 scientists and research technicians are working together with research fellows and visiting scientists. Our fields of expertise include clinical dentistry, biology, microbiology, toxicology, analytic and polymer chemistry, metallurgy and physics. Projects comprise materials science, toxicology & microbiology and clinical oriented research.

Materials science
Research topics in the materials science group include metal substitution of alloys used in dental and orthopaedic devices, characterisation and optimisation of ceramic materials with respect to mechanical, optical and biological properties and characterisation of and substance leakage from 3D-printed polymeric materials. Studies of photosensitiser-carrying materials for antimicrobial light-assisted applications are other examples.

We collaborate with institutes and universities nationally and internationally and supervise guest researchers and PhD candidates with a background from subject areas such as dentistry, chemistry and pharmacy. At present, three engineers/technicians, 4 MScs and 3 PhDs from a diversity of science and engineering disciplines make up the group.

Toxicology and microbiology
The primary focus of our research group is the safe use of biomaterials. We explore how oral biomaterials can affect patients by examining the response of both human and bacterial cells to biomaterials and how this, subsequently, affects the host-microbe interactions.

Our research, based on in vitro models, provides important insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the interactions between biomaterials and the complex environment of the oral cavity. The research outcomes make an excellent basis for recognizing clinical challenges and for offering solutions.

The research group currently consists of six full-time researchers and technicians in addition to Ph.D. and master students.

Clinically oriented research group
The main agenda of the research group is to initiate and coordinate clinical and laboratory research within the field of dental biomaterials. The group consists of dentists and a dental technician.

We are involved in research collaborations within public dental health, both in Norway and other Nordic countries. Our research include cooperation with the Norwegian Oral Health Centers of Expertise, other institutes, professional research bodies and educational institutions. Currently, NIOM is leading a research network group, with representatives from all dentistry research institutions in Norway.