Research areas


Biomaterials are our main focus of research, which includes many categories of materials: ceramics, metals/alloys and polymer-based materials. Our inter-disciplinary expertise also applies to medical biomaterials, e.g. cardiac and orthopedic implants and surgical instruments. Research underpins both standardization activities and the information and recommendations provided to health authorities, the dental profession and the public. Biomaterial research is done in collaboration with universities, institutes and public dental service in the Nordic countries.

NIOM has a well-qualified staff covering all aspects of dental biomaterials. Currently, a permanent staff of 22 scientists and research technicians are working together with research fellows and visiting scientists. Our fields of expertise include clinical dentistry, biology, microbiology, toxicology, analytic and polymer chemistry, metallurgy and physics.

Our research projects are targeted and include materials characterization and properties, biocompatibility and clinical performance. The following areas, amongst others, are covered by NIOM’s activities:


  • Patient exposure to leachables, degradation and corrosion products
  • Biological effects of monomers, filler particles and metal ions
  • Material composition, quality and ageing
  • Biofilm and anti-bacterial properties
  • Ceramic core materials and computer assisted design and manufacturing
  • The use of light and radiation in dentistry
  • Mechanical and chemical properties of biomaterials