Visiting scientists 2023


The following scientists will visit NIOM this year:


• Asbjørn Slagtern Fjellvåg (N) Project: Synthesis Of Phase Pure Substituted Zirconia (SOPPSZ)
• Melania Rogowska (N) Project: “Photoactive porphyrins for antimicrobial surfaces” The aim of this project is development and antibacterial characterization of novel photoactive surfaces for potential use in photodynamic therapy (PDT).
• Wedad Hammoudi (S) Project: The aim of the project is to investigate the optical properties and flexural strength of 2 types of contemporary multilayer TZ
• Dena Khazeni (N) Project: METAMET project, titled as “Additive manufacturing of Co-Cr-Fe alloys as prostheses and reconstructive implants”.
• Andreas Koutroulis (N) Project: Assessing the balance between immunomodulation and antibacterial activity in hydraulic tricalcium silicate-based cements
• Amela Tulek (N) Project: Effect of Different Fluoride Treatments on Dental Erosion in an stablished Mouse Model.
• Heba E. Abdel Razik (F) Project: Long-term effect of Carbonate Apatite Incorporation into Commercial and Experimental Adhesives
• Ketil Hegerstrøm Haugli (N) Project: The impact of CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques on biofilm formation of resin-based orthodontic splint materials.