Visiting scientists 2022


The following scientists will visit NIOM in 2022:


  • Amela Tulek (N). Project: Effects of different fluoride treatments on dental erosion in an established mouse model
  • Vasilis Kapralos (N). Project: Interaction between endodontic sealers and irrigation
  • Melania Rogowska (N). Project: The aim of this project is further characterization of porphyrin-based surafces that can be applied in photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • Heba E. Abdel Razik (F). Project: Effect of eggshell-derived hydroxyapatite incorporation into commercial and experimemental adhesive.
  • Ketil Hegerstrøm Haugli (N). Project: The impact of CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques on biofilm formation of resin based orthodontic splint materials
  • Mervi Puska (F). Project: Composite implants to reconstruction of hard tissues
  • Pekka Ahlholm (F). Project: Bond strength of bulk-filled composite resin to a new bulk-fill composite resin and the durability of the bond upon accelarated aging. The chemical degradation analysis is also performed