Visiting scientists 2021


The following scientists will visit NIOM in 2021:

Ketil Haugli (NO)

Project: The impact of CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques on the in vitro biocompatibility of MMA resin-based orthodontic bite splint materials.

Battsetseg Tseveenjav (F)
Project: Hypomineralisation affected teeth: Microstructure & aspects related to restorative care modalities.

Wedad Hammoudi (S)
Project: The aim of my project is to investigate the optical properties and flexural strength of 3 types of contemporary TZ using resin cement of various shades (3 shades).

Anneli Skjold (NO)
Project: Bruddmekanismer ved sjiktet dentalt zirkonia.

Qalbi Khan (NO)
Project: This study will evaluate a suitable 3D-model (human oral keratinocytes and fibroblasts) that will be provided by a collaborating partner. Our focus will be mainly on exploring treatments relevant to dental biomaterials.

Hans Jacob Rønold (NO)

1) Surface-treatment of zirconia for adhesive bonding1) Surface-treatment of zirconia for adhesive bonding.

2) Evaluation of different generation bonding system.

Krister Gjestvang Grønlien (NO)
Projects: The aim of the project is to continue the development of an antimicrobial biocompatible formulation based on collagen and the photosensitizer lumichrome.