Visiting scientists 2018


The following scientists will visit NIOM in 2018:

Anas Salim (F)
Project: Effects of dimethyl sulfoxide and ethanol pretreatment on the longevity and durability of bond strength of fiber post bonding to root canal dentin.

Anette Kocbach Bølling (NO)
Project: The aim of the project is to complete and publish the work of my previous guest research visit in 2016. Study how leakage products from dental materials affect the immune response to living bacteria.

Battsetseg Tseveenjav (FI)
Project: Hypomineralisation affected teeth:
1. To test and compare adhesives for direct RC restorations in terms of micro-shear bond strength;
2. To test and compare for micro-leakage and marginal fit of luting cements for indirect full coverage restorations.

Jussi Furuholm (FI)
Project: Non-invasive treatment modalities of permanent molars presenting hypomineralization: Comparison of fissure sealants with prior adhesives versus resin-infiltration, properties of resin infiltration product.

Luise Jungnickel (D)
Project: To investigate the development in endodontic status in a Danish general population in a repeated cohort study, according to the enclosed protocol. During the planned stay, focus will be on:
1. Calibration to the Periapical Index (PAI) (Ørstavik 1986).
2. Validity and reproducibility of a graded visual scale (Jordal 2014) versus dichotomized assessment to measure quality of lateral seal of root fillings.
3. Calibration to an image processing program for Image J, developed at UIO, to measure and assess root filling curvature and length. .

Sigfus Thor Eliasson (IS) 
Project: Influence of “thermal cycling” on the heat conduction and strength of resin-based dental fillings. Repair of old resin-based dental fillings.

Susann Wolf-Grosse (N) 
Project: Development of a co-culture model system to evaluate the biological responses to implant degradation products and bacterial stimulation.