Pekka Ahlholm

Pekka Ahlholm

Guest researcher, NIOM

Dr. Pekka Ahlholm, visiting scientist from Helsinki, Finland, has been working at NIOM since last year. So far, his research has resulted in a research article “Repair bond strength of bulk-fill composites” which indicated that Ceramic primer (silane containing) seems to perform better than the three-step etch and rinse adhesive or the Composite primer. Shear type stress had an adverse effect on the repair bond strength of bulk-fill resin composites.

This publication is part of his research stay at the NIOM, and he published his article together with supervisors and co-authors: Professor Pekka Vallittu, former visiting scientist from Turku Finland, professor Kirsi Sipilä from Oulu Finland, and senior scientist dr. Frode Staxrud, supervising in the laboratories at NIOM.

The purpose of this in vitro study between Finnish and Norwegian scientists was to evaluate the effect of different adhesive primers on the repair bond strength of bulk-fill resin composite and short-term hydrolytic stability of the restorative interface before and after accelerated aging. In addition, the effect of the direction of debonding was examined.

Each year NIOM invites scientist to apply for the visiting scientist program with the purpose of enhancing collaboration on biomaterials research in the Nordic countries. The institute’s research activities are focused on biological, chemical, physical, and clinical questions related to dental and other biomaterials.

We encourage all scientists working in Nordic countries with documented education and/or research experience in the field of biomaterials are welcome to apply. PhD candidates and young scientists are especially invited as applicants. The program for each calendar year is advertised in May of the year before, with application deadline in June.

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Pekka Ahlholm, Frode Staxrud, Kirsi Sipilä, and Pekka Vallittu: “Repair bond strength of bulk-fill composites: influence of different primers and direction of debonding stress” Biomater Investig Dent, 2023 Sept 1.