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Welcome to NIOM!

NIOM welcomes scientists in the field of biomaterials, from the young researcher to the well-established and recognized professor, to collaborate with our scientists and work in our laboratories. Working with NIOM is an opportunity to collaborate with experts in clinical dentistry, biology, microbiology, toxicology, analytic and polymer chemistry, metallurgy and physics. Our modern and well-equipped laboratories facilitate rigorous biomaterials research. Biomaterials include many categories of materials: ceramics, metals/alloys and polymer-based materials. NIOM research projects are targeted to be clinically relevant, and include materials characterization and property measurement, biocompatibility and clinical performance.


Research stay and collaboration

Scientists with funding from other institutions are welcome to work at NIOM for longer or shorter periods in order to collaborate with NIOM staff. NIOM maintains the laboratory facilities and may support direct research expenses. PhD candidates and master students are also welcome to undertake parts of or their entire research project at NIOM.


Visiting scientist program

The purpose of NIOM´s visiting scientist program is to enhance Nordic collaboration in dental biomaterials research. NIOM funds positions for periods between 3 and 6 months. Scientists working in a Nordic country with documented education and/or research experience in the field of biomaterials are welcome to apply. PhD candidates and young scientists are especially invited as applicants. The applicant’s project must fall within the research profile of NIOM, and research collaboration with NIOM staff is mandatory. The programme for each calendar year is advertised in May of the year before, with application deadline in June.


Our scientists

NIOM scientists are experts in clinical dentistry, biology, microbiology, toxicology, analytic and polymer chemistry, metallurgy and physics. Read about our scientists and their fields of expertice.


NIOM laboratory facilities

NIOM’s modern and well-equipped laboratory facilities for the testing of biomaterials include a cell laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and an acclimatized laboratory (50 %RH, 23 °C). Our instrument park covers a broad range of evaluation procedures for biomaterials: physical, chemical, and biological, all focussed towards simulating the clinical situation. Read some highlights of our major instruments or read about all our instruments.


More information?

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