Opinions and Treatment decisions
for Dental Erosion






More priority should be given to registration, dietary and salivary analyses in patients at risk for dental erosion.










Dentists are aware of a minimally invasive approach when treating dental erosion.

Icelandic dentists are well educated for diagnosis and treatment of dental erosion, but more emphasizes on causative factors are needed. These are the conclusions from a recent questionnaire study among dentists in Iceland.

At present, little is known about dental health professionals` knowledge and treatment approach related to dental erosive wear (DEW). Dental practitioners’ treatment decisions, as well as knowledge, experience and awareness of DEW were investigated in this questionnaire study. Since no recommended standard treatment exists, it is challenging for dental clinicians to make the best treatment decision, both in a short and long perspective.

Icelandic dentists seemed to be well educated for diagnosis and treatment of DEW. However, little priority was given to detailed registration of the lesions, dietary information and salivary analyses in patients at risk. The study presented two cases of DEW. Icelandic clinicians would most commonly give the patient information about dietary and drinking advices, followed by recommendation on use of fluoride rinse and information about brushing technique. Dentists were aware of a minimally invasive approach when treating erosive lesions, and when the restorative treatment was indicated, resin composite appeared to be the first material of choice.

This study has been a collaboration between the Faculty of Odontology, University of Iceland, Iceland; IceMedico ehf, Reykjavìk, Iceland; Specialist Oral Health Centre for Western Norway, Stavanger, Norway and Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM), Oslo, Norway.


Figure 1. Clinical intraoral pictures of case 1 used in the questionnaire. The patient is a 28 year old woman who had an eating disorder with vomiting as a teenager, but is now healthy.


Read more:
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