NIOM Managing Director Jon E. Dahl demonstrates to NRK’s Christian Strand the effects of hydrogen peroxide on the skin.

In tonight’s episode of the Norwegian broadcasting’s (NRK) consumer affairs programme Forbrukerinspektørene, a variety of home tooth bleaching kits were planned to be demonstrated on two teenagers. As a precaution, NRK came to NIOM beforehand to assess the safety of the products.


The assessment was carried out by Managing Director at NIOM, Jon E. Dahl, who found that two of the five home tooth bleaching kits contained illegal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, causing Forbrukerinspektørene to cancel their demonstrations.


Dahl is quoted in an accompanying NRK article today where he says that the sale of these kinds of products is not allowed in Norway or the EU. With more than 0,1 percent hydrogen peroxide they are not safe in untrained hands. They can cause damage to gums, enamel and in the last resort to the nerve.


The episode airs tonight on NRK1 at 19:45, and is available to view now: