Northern Lights Comes To Oslo




Main topics: bioactive materials and light transmission through ceramics and composites




A meeting place for academia and industry

NIOM was host and local organiser for the sixth annual Northern Lights International Conference in Oslo on 30th and 31st July.


The two main topics were bioactive materials and light transmission through ceramics and composites. The aim of these conferences is to bring together leading international experts to discuss current topics in restorative dentistry. After previous conferences, consensus statements have been published on procedures for light-curing and on bulk-fill restorations.

Professor Richard Price, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, started these annual international symposia in 2012 and has since been in charge of both the organisation and the scientific programme. This year marked the rst time the symposium has been organised outside Canada. Participants came from fifteen countries on four continents and represented major manufacturers, universities and research centres. Editors of dental journals were prominent participants.

Together with Professor Price, NIOM CEO, Professor Jon E. Dahl, welcomed the participants, saying it was a privilege for NIOM to host the 2018 conference:

– The Northern Lights meeting is unique in that scientists and other experts from industry and academia meet and discuss topics related to restorative dentistry. Like previous meetings, I expect that consensus will be reached on important aspects of restorative dentistry that will bene t the dental community and patients worldwide.

NIOM scientists Hilde M. Kopperud, Ellen Bruzell and Frode Staxrud participated with Kopperud and Bruzell contributing scientific presentations:

Kopperud spoke on the topic “In-situ light-cured vs. computer-aided manufactured (CAM) composites”. She revealed that even CAM-composites release monomers, although in very small amounts, far less than traditional light-cured materials. Bruzell gave a joint presentation together with Professor Gottfried Schmalz from the Universities of Regensburg and Bern on antimicrobial photodynamic treatment (aPDT) in dentistry. Bruzell focused on the basic principles of aPDT.