2019: NIOMs first year with NORCE 






NORCE is an independent  Norwegian research Institute. When all subsidiary companies are included, the group has 1000 employees from around the world.











This past January, NIOM joined NORCE as a subsidiary company. We left the University of Oslo, and became part of one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes. The goal is to increase collaboration, and harvest synergies from our multidisciplinary teams and Companies.

At the closing of our first year together, the thing that comes to mind, is the new energy, infused by the other NORCE companies. The spark that is lit when people find common ground. As it happened in Bergen, when a NIOM and a NORCE employee started talking about drilling. One with experience from the dental field, the other from the oil industry. Both passionate about their craft, eager to share and learn.

Our future with NORCE will be exciting. We look forward to seeing the path set by the board in 2020, when they present our strategy for the next five years.

NIOM for you

That being said, NIOM is still NIOM. We are, and will be, The Nordic Institute of Dental Materials. Doing independent research on materials connected to the dental field. Answering your questions, and doing our part to help ensure patient safety and a healthy work environment in the clinic.

You may have met us during the year. We have been present at a number of scientific meetings, including IDS and the annual dental conventions in all five Nordic countries. At the NOF-CED-IADR meeting in Madrid, we joined NOF and hosted the symposium Dental Erosion – The new toothache.


We have published 10 newsletters, and presented 3 webinars. The year’s webinar topics were “A guide to materials’ selection”, “Minimal intervention dentistry” and “Initial carious lesions.”

We have also welcomed five visiting scientists, six PhD candidates, and three new staff members. As well as engaging in research collaborations with colleagues and institutions throughout the Nordic countries.

It has been a year of business as usual, as well as gearing up for the future. We hope you will be part of it. Happy holidays and a wonderful new year!


Best wishes from

Jon E. Dahl



NIOM Newsletter December 2019