We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our research collages, customers and business relations a great summer.

July is the traditional vacation month in Norway, and our activities will be lower during this time. Our office will remain open, though response time may vary.


2019 has been a productive year so far, with nine scientific publications and more to come. We’ve attended several conferences, work groups and events. Among the highlights were IDS in Cologne, the “Northern Lights Conference” in Halifax, and Tandfaglige dager in Copenhagen.

At the same time, we have reinforced our expertise by adding a new materials expert, a communications manager and a dentist with broad background in clinical dental research.

First six months with NORCE

These past few months also mark the beginning of our new position as a part of NORCE. The unique research institute, and its subsidiaries like NIOM, aims to create a powerhouse for research. With experts in a wide range of fields, the possibilities for interdisciplinary research is vast.

As we enter summer, it is with a positive and productive half-year behind us, and many exciting plans for the fall. May you have a wonderful summer, and do not hesitate to contact us at niom@niom.no if you have any questions.