Our latest arrivals, from the left: Mervi from Finland, Marit from Norway and Foteini from Greece. Here with senior engineer Morten Syverud.

Every year we welcome several visiting scientists to NIOM in Oslo. Most come from Scandinavia, and several are return guests. We asked our three newest arrivals what made them choose NIOM.

– It is nice to have all the facilities and competencies in one area. Usually they split them up, with biology in one area, technology in another, and so on, Marit Øilo from Bergen says.

A diverse research community

At NIOM, you find scientists, engineers, biologists and chemists, all under one roof.

– It is great to work with colleagues from so many different fields. By sparring with them, and getting their perspectives, it really adds to the research, Marit says.

Your own projects

– I like how we get to have our own projects, with the guidance of the experienced NIOM researchers, Foteini Machla from Greece says.

Foteini first came to Norway as an Erasmus Scholar, and began working on a project concerning charcoal toothpaste. After she graduated, she applied for a new visit.

– They give you both support and freedom here. That makes it a great place to learn, and to do research, she says.

Helpful colleagues

Mervi Puska from Finland is on her fifth visit.

– I like how everybody is so helpful and friendly here. It’s such a good environment socially, Mervi says.

She adds that she quite appreciates the resources as well.

– All materials and chemicals are readily available, and we have the best instruments here. The colleagues are so helpful here too. It is a very good place for working together, as well as self-study, Mervi says.

To apply for a position as a visiting scientist at NIOM during 2020, please see this article. Deadline is June 20th 2019.