Users are simply cheated, charcoal tooth bleaching products simply does not bleach, according to NIOM Managing Director, Jon E. Dahl (picture courtesty of Martin Habbestad, TV2).

“Helsekontrollen” – a consumer health-related programme by the largest commercial broadcaster in Norway, TV2, covers tooth bleaching products that are marketed as natural ways to bleach your teeth. These products are marketed heavily to young consumers through social media and by using spokespersons from reality shows.

Among the dental health personnel consulted in the programme, Managing Director at NIOM and professor of Odontology at the University Of Oslo, Jon E. Dahl has investigated the ingredients in these products and warns against these products, labelling them pure trickery.

– Charcoal bleaching products does not bleach. Should your teeth seem whiter after brushing your teeth with this, then this is caused by the black powder sticking to the gums to give a greater contrast in your mouth. The users are simply cheated,” Dahl is quoted saying in the programme.

The programme will air tonight on TV2 at 20:00 Norwegian time.

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