NIOM, The Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, celebrates its 50th anniversary on Thursday the 12th of May. The institute marks the occasion with a seminar led by the renowned Christine Calvert, with lectures by philosopher Henrik Syse, as well as dental researchers from across the Nordics.

– We will also present a book about NIOMs history and present day research, says Jon E. Dahl.

Dahl has been NIOMs CEO since 2011. Many will also recognize him as professor in Odontology, and lecturer.

Pictured above: Jon E. Dahl.


– NIOM was born from the cooperative spirit that washed across Europe at the end of WW2, says Dahl.

Dental health services were going through a revolution into the modern era. The dental schools had gone from trade to academic study, and fluoride was entering the market. The materials however, were lagging behind. There was little control, and the variations in quality and durability was significant.

– The Nordic countries soon realised they could accomplish more together than apart. This set the scene for NIOM, says Dahl.

Independent research

The institute was established in 1972, to contribute to safe and effective dental materials in the Nordic countries. The tools, then as now, was research, testing and participation in international and European standardisation. However, the areas of research have changed.

– Back then we did mostly testing concerning the quality of amalgam. Today we are publishing papers on antimicrobial effects, side effects and sustainable working methods, Dahl explains.

The celebration

In its fiftieth year, NIOM is still fully dedicated, and employs a committed staff of researchers engineers and administrative help. The work will suspend briefly on the 12th of May, to celebrate the past and present NIOM.

– State Secretary Ole Henrik Krat Bjørnholt will open with an address, before we delve into a day of lectures from the dental world, says Dahl.

Dahl will speak about the historic NIOM, as well as present the book “En Nordisk Reise i Kunnskap og Kvalitet”. (A Nordic Journey in Knowledge and Quality).

Pictured above: NIOMs anniversary book.

– We have some great speakers lined up, and are especially proud that all the Nordic countries are represented on stage. We look forward to welcoming all our guests, and celebrate NIOMs first 50 years, Dahl says in closing.

NIOMs staff in 2022. From the back, left: Dimitri Alkarra, Silvio Uhlig, Morten Syverud, Tove Brubakk, Frode Staxrud, Siv Randi Palm, Rune Becher and John Tibballs. Row second to the back, from the left: Jan Tore Samuelsen, Jon E. Dahl, Liv Christiansen, Kristin Wille, Katrine Hartmann Isene, Naomi Azulay, Heidi Holm, Hilde M. Kopperud, Hanne Wellendorf and Freya Sofia Andersen. Second to the front, from the left: Else Morisbak, Amund Ruud, Aida Mulic, Simen E. Kopperud and Bergitte Olderbø. Front row: Torbjørn Knarvang, Inger-Sofie Dragland, Maria Pain, Ellen Bruzell and Håkon Valen. Not present at the time was: Lene Grutle, Solveig Uvsløkk, Mina Sagen, Per Von Steyern and Linda Vos. Photo: Britt K. Andersen.

To receive a copy of the book, please write to It will also be available online, shortly after the celebration. PS. It is only available in Norwegian.